About our Mentoring Program

The IGB (I Gotcha Back) Program, a 501(c)3, has operated since August 2007, utilizing community resources and volunteers to help guide many young people. We have exposed young people to mentors, motivational speakers, classroom activities, cultural events, outdoor activities, culinary exploration, volunteer opportunities, recreational outings, and leadership symposiums. Through experience and data from implementing past IGB offerings, we know that short, interesting, and engaging programs can have a meaningful impact. The program offers experiences and activities to enhance young people’s development. Our programming includes Critical Thinking, Communication skills (interpersonal, self-advocacy, conflict resolution), money/financial concepts (age-appropriate), and Emotional Wellness (1:1, Curriculum). We will incorporate after-school meetings with professionals from various backgrounds and vocations and take participants on field trips several times a semester (Examples: Cade Museum, Harn Museum, Santa Fe Zoo) to allow our students to interact with various professional, vocational, cultural, and historical experiences to enhance their knowledge and understanding of the world around them. We have established partnerships with, Various financial institutions, Restoring Hope Counseling, Inner Health 24/7, and PEAK Literacy to develop and implement our program. We are currently partially funded by the generous taxpayers of Alachua County through the Children’s Trust of Alachua County to offer this program.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor please scan the QR code below.

History of IGB Mentoring?

Who do we serve?
-Students 5-12th grade at various school locations
Current Student Challenges:
-Emotional Awareness/ Wellness
-Critical Thinking / Problem-Solving skills
-Communication/ Self Advocacy skills
-Financial Literacy                  
-Future opportunities/planning
-Reading Levels
What do we address?
-Employability Skills (communication, timeliness)
-Inquiry Skills/Problem-Solving
-Financial Awareness
-Emotional Wellness (Inner Health 24/7)
-Reading Literacy (PEAK Literacy program)